MFG: Bucktone Effects - Black Powder
Price: $180
Wait time:2 weeks

Caleb Buck of Bucktone effects has entered the guitar effects world with one mission. To establish his benchmark sound or as he puts it "This is my tone".

His premier pedal is the Black Powder which packs enough punch to add the needed boost or Gain to any rig. As you can see the Black powder is small and compact making it an ideal option for any pedal board and rugged enough to jump on without any signal loss as the blackpowder is 100% Handmade by Caleb himself.

We are proud to offer such a wonderful pedal to our collection of high end effects.

1. GAIN- The Gain knob controls the overall amount of distortion/saturation of the pedal.

2. COMP SWITCH- The COMP switch allows you to choose three different levels of compression: No Compression, Light Compression, and Heavy Compression. The level of compression is indicated by the sound waves underneath the switch. All the way to the left is heavy compression, to the right is light compression, and in the middle is no compression. The difference in the COMP switch settings is most obvious on gain settings above the 10 o'clock area. The more the signal is compressed, the more distorted the gain knob becomes and the quieter it becomes.

3. VOLUME-The Volume knob controls the overall volume of the pedal.

4. GIRTH-The girth knob allows you to manipulate the distortion character. With the knob all the way to the left (counter clock-wise) , the pedal will sound more smooth with a big bottom end and slightly scooped mids. As the knob is turned to the right (clock-wise) The distortion character gets more aggressive, low end is rolled off, and the mids and highs become emphasized.

5. TIGHT SWITCH-This switch allows you to change the low end response of the pedal. The fat setting is very full and has lots of bottom end (good when using the pedal over a clean amp) while the tight setting has a controlled low end and an emphasis on the mid to upper register (good for using on an already overdriven amp)

6. HI-CUT-The Hi-Cut knob does just that, it cuts the highs. With the knob all the way to the right (clock-wise) all highs are allowed to remain in the signal. With the knob all the way to the left (counter clock-wise) the highs are heavily cut out. This function allows the user to adjust the high frequency response of the pedal to complement the specific guitar and amp that he or she is playing. A dark sounding guitar or amp will likely sound best with the knob in the fully clock-wise range, while a bright sounding guitar or amp will likely need a good amount of the highs to be cut out.

7. LED INDICATOR-When the LED indicator is off, the pedal is bypassed. When the LED is on, the pedal is active

8. OUTPUT JACK-Sends the signal to amplifier or the next pedal in the signal path

9. BYPASS SWITCH-Turns pedal on or off

10. 9V INPUT-Accepts standard power supplies between 9-18V DC

11. INPUT JACK-Receives signal from guitar or previous pedal in signal path


Here is a Demo By Brett Kingman to get your juices flowing: