Tomi  Korkalainen

Tomi Korkalainen founder of Amfisound guitars, has made it the purpose of Amfisound to build the best new-generation guitars made of the highest-quality materials, including traditional craftsmanship values and a Northern attitude!

Amfisound Guitars goal is to create modern guitars that feature innovative and superior construction. Even though Amfisound guitars are made with contemporary construction techniques and paramount visual aesthetics, Amfisound Guitars are built with traditional "old school" machines that are operated by hand. This makes Amfisounds creations unique and versatile creating endless creative possibilities for shaping the wood.

We concentrate on detail by making special shapes and finishes, which are used in combination with beautiful woods. This is our philosophy which we follow in constructing, designing and building better and especially meaningful guitars.

"I have always wanted to keep our guitars updated for today's demands.

This also means thinking about what kind of world we leave to our kids. Ever since I started building guitars, I have never understood why everyone should follow the old standards when, in fact, they are not consistent with today's musical demands. I have always been a big fan of neck-thru guitars: they just have something - the sound, the stability - it's one package full of energy! Over the years I have tried to find out what are the actual weak features of this construction when using it in metal music.

My policy in guitar designing is to see the reality without any detour! If you want to make something better, you first have to dig out the basics. And I am speaking about the actual construction and shape, not about the woods, which anybody can buy, glue together, color, and impress people with their beauty. It's not a big deal to build a basic neck-thru instrument. But knowing how to shape and fit it perfectly to a certain music type is the real challenge that calls for innovative and know-how professionalism. This means constantly testing and developing our creations, following the developments in the guitar and guitar parts industry, and - equally important - following what's happening in the music scene, what sounds are in demand, what future trends are shaping up. By considering musician AND music, we aim for the superlative when building an instrument.

A word on visual Aesthetics from Amfisound Guitars:
Customizing is an art that is personal. It should refer to YOUR own life and to things important to YOU. Actually, the best ideas and the spirit of the instrument emerge and take shape when speaking about normal, everyday life and not just about guitars!"