Timo  Schramm

Timo Schramm is a young Luthier in Lengede, Germany who is building unique (his own design) high end guitars

Before he discovered the guitar, Timo studied the piano from the ages of eight to thirteen. When he got his first guitar he was so impressed by the versatility of this instrument that he decided to give up the piano and every other distracting hobby to bend strings countless hours a day, which in turn he founded a progressive Rock Band and gave himself the role of Lead Guitarist.

After High School Timo juggled between music and his vocational training as a car-styling-modeler. After years of searching for the "Perfect Guitar" in local "Box Guitar Stores" Timo grew increasingly frustrated by the lack of quality he found. In 2007 Timo went on to built his first "Dream Custom Guitar"

TS Customs was born:

Timo Schramm has established his trade mark TS Customs in Europe. High End, Custom Tailored Guitars.

''.... I know that every guitarist has at least one dream-guitar in mind!''

TS Customs are strikingly beautiful instruments and cannot be mistaken for any other guitar on the market. The sharp and eye-catching ''Badwing''-headstock which Timo uses on many models, to the headstock the three stripes in the Neck give TS Customs their Signature look.

TS Customs models all have Greek Mythological names like ''Minotaurus'', ''Phoenix'' or Bassilisk; all models that are distinguishable, new and extraordinary.

The main Philosophy at TS Customs is to create dreams with passion and love! '

'Dreams cannot be guitars made by machines!...The uniqueness of every guitarist and customer is the evidence for this fact and my drive for building individual custom guitars!