Franck  Claise

Franck Claise is a french guitar maker located in a little town north of Paris (Lille).
A cabinet maker by trade, Franck became fascinated by the guitar and woodworking and decided to give up his day job to dedicate his life to the art of Lutherie.
Franck builds a wide variety of electric and acoustic instruments, ranging from traditional american classics (Les Pauls and Strats etc.) to his own original designs.

Each guitar sound and aesthetic character are built with the future owner in mind. Franck pays particular attention to finishes and aesthetic harmony of the instrument and does not manufacture series models. His guitars are all made by hand in his Shop in Lille, France which takes longer, ensuring that each and every instrument is given the proper care during the build process.

With the above mentioned care during each build, Franck is able to execute each and every detail to meet his standard for quality....PERFECTION!!!