Balazs  Prohaszka

Hungarian luthier Balazs Prohaszka, started his career in the art of Lutherie in 1994.

"I believe that a musical instrument can represent beauty or harmony only insofar as it is perfectly functional with flawless playability and rich sound".

Balazs path as guitar builder began at a Hungarian school of Lutherie where he apprenticed in the art of building and repairing stringed instruments including but not limited to: guitars, violins, mandolins and lutes.

Upon completion of his apprenticeship, Balazs began work in his teacher's workshop crafting all sorts of instruments with a focus on violins. In 1997 Balazs was given another set of skills when he went to work for a double-bass workshop where he built and restored double basses, many made by the best European makers dating as far back as the 17th century.

"The experience serves me well: few instruments are as diverse in music as the double bass-except the guitar".

In 2000 Balazs set up his own workshop in 2000 in a small Hungarian village and built mainly archtop guitars. Simultaneously, he began freelancing for the well-known German bow maker Bernd Etzler.

In 2003, Balazs was presented with yet another opportunity to relocate to Northern Ireland to work for Lowden Guitars (now Avalon Guitars) and gained experience in every aspect of guitar manufacturing. In the interim, Balazs developed a few of his own designs.

Balazs has managed to develop his own distinctive sound, design and building approach and continues to develop unique designs and sounding instruments.

"Every guitar is an individual design to achieve a specific look and sound. All of my guitars are the result of individual discussion; every aspect of the guitar can be customized; and there are no limits to design and vision. I refuse any compromise in quality and vision".

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We currently have one of Balazs showpiece Guitars here in NYC available for anyone who would like to test drive it, please contact us.