Davide Garbujo

Davide Garbujo was born in Milan in the the mid 70's to Italian parents.

At age 5 Davide studied piano at the Liceo Musicale in Monza and so began Davide's interest music. Davide's has an affinity for everything from from classical, rock, & pop music, as well as synthesizers and keyboards.

Davide started a cover band where he played Keyboards, as well as arranging the songs and singing.

At 16, Davide decided to ditch the piano & devote himself to the guitar...his real passion. After achieving the rigorous task of dominating guitar technique, Davide started to develop an interest in the instrument itself; construction, what makes the guitar tick etc.

Davide started with a series of tests in his garage, making changes to his guitars with high hopes to build his first instrument. At the same time Davide majored in graphic design and did some occasional evening work to pay for the instruments.

After studying graphic design, at age 19 Davide enlisted in the Italian military service as a tank driver. Followed by a job in the family business in a hotel, while devoting himself to music and the study of guitar making.

During this very same period Davide's band achieved some recognition in Italy, they were asked to take part in various competitions and a few local television appearances and do a few mini-tours in their region.

With a strong desire to become a professional luthier Davide made an enormous investment into his future by contacting a famous Italian luthier who taught Davide the secrets of guitar making. Together they built the largest guitar workshop in Italy, and Garbujo guitars is born.

At the same time Davide started participating in various national and international fairs (Montreal guitar show) gaining recognition in the European guitar market. In addition to his workshop in Bergamo, Davide also has a showroom in Milan.

Today many Italian artist play Garbujo Guitars such as : Davide Ferrario (Gianna Nannini, Franco Battiato) Mattia Bigi (Biagio Antonacci, Extrema) and many others.

Davide currently lives in Milan with his family. He is a devoted husband to his wife Annalisa, and a loving father to his 2-year-old daughter Aurora.

"I am very fond of traveling, camping, motorcycle and italian wine but One of the most great passions are the American cars, I drive a Chevy Trailblazer but I hope to buy a Corvette one day."

We currently have one of Davide's guitars for you to test drive. We work by appointment only and will bring the guitar to you to try out. Arrangements can also be made with out of state customers.