Custom Guitar Boutique is happy to announce its new Links section. We figured this might be a good place to point some of our customers in the direction of our music related interests.

We couldn't find any other place on the site to set up links so we just made this addition. Thanks for checking out our links.

We are proud to sponsor Italian Sensation Marco Sfogli, please check out his site for updates.

Bryan Baker of the Band Black Baptista endorses Magneto Guitars courtesy of

Eric Chaz (short for Czechanski) of Eric's guitar shop is a good friend who hooks up our artist with amazing guitar maintenance. Thanks Chaz

MH Guitar Gear loves peaking at our site for their Gorgeous Guitar Gear of the day. Please visit them at:

A great canadian site to find music gear:

Nice Guitar forum:

Great Resource for everything Guitar related:

If you are in NYC and looking for a Classical Guitar Teacher, Mr. Bianculli is the way to go. He as been a mentor and a friend. Tweet him.

Revisit some old techniques and pickup a few new ones on the way:

Here is a link to subscribe to Fingerstyle Guitar:

Tabs, Articles and everything else guitars:

Guitar Books, Tabs and other Gear....A great Resource:

Anything and everything from Guitar Dealers to how to tune a guitar:
The Guitar Sherpa

Guitar Tabs and Classifieds
Guitar Seek

Lots of Django and Gypsy Jazz guitar Related content.

Here is a great guitar blog with new content added daily

Another awesome guitar blog that is worthy of posting here

Sit back, relax and listen to some guitar radio

If you are into metal check out my friends from Brazil "Oi, Como vai voce"

Great UK Blog