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DL Cables is now "David Laboga". David wants his cables to be simply defined by his name. Other exciting news, we are now an authorized dealer for Bucktone Effects. We have plenty of Black Powder Pedals in stock so please do not hesitate to contact us for purchase.


It's been a busy first quarter. Our roster has changed slightly but still working with the very best in the biz. Luthiers like Florian Vorreiter, Juha ruokangas, Thomas customs, Aristides Instruments, David Thomas Mcnaught and Sweetwood Guitars. We have demo's of all the above mentioned Luthiers (David Thomas Mcknaught will be here soon).

Please contact us if you would like to test drive one of these fine guitars. More news soon.


HAPPY NEW YEAR. We would like to wish everyone the best for 2011. We are going to kick off the new year with a very exciting announcement. Our Ruokangas Duke Artisan will be here later this month so anyone interested in test driving it, please contact us. We are a full line dealer for Ruokangas instruments and standing by waiting to take your order.


It's true what they say, "Time flies when you're having fun". It's been a long time since this portion of the site was updated and that is due to the fact that our Luthier Roster has grown. I promise to ensure that I keep feeding you all the latest info. Today the big news is Magneto Guitars.

We are the sole US dealer in the states for these amazing Retro Modern guitars. Please take a moment to look at the first two models on the site (more to come soon I promise). The T-Wave and Sonnet are the two main designs, every other Magneto guitar is a variant of these two wonderful instruments.


This is one of the coolest updates we've had in a while. We have integrated our blog of interviews with artists and luthiers with this site. Simply for some really great interviews.

The new blog isn't as clunky and very customizable, so we can do a whole lot with it. If there is any content you would like to see, drop us a line and we will try to get it implemented on to the blog.


As we get closer to our 1 year anniversary, we just keep growing and growing. Our latest addition of Eye catching guitars are the Aluminum Guitars by Anthony Goulding. Mr. Goulding builds made to order instruments. Goulding aluminum Guitars may be custom ordered via Please have a look at our Wood alternative section...Warning, you might be there a while.



DL Cables (David Laboga) have landed in the US via We are proud to be the sole Retailer (distributor) carrying these wonderful cables with a lifetime guarantee....Yes we said "Lifetime Guarantee on all DL Cables".

We'll either fix em or replace em. We are a full line dealer so whether you need RCA, Instrument, or Midi cables we are happy to oblige. Take a moment to visit our Accessories section and click on DL Cables.


Joining our Roster is Master Luthier Balazs Prohaszka. Ready to show, is Balazs SJ Standard Model which is Located right here in NYC. Balazs can build just about anything, if you would like to have a closer look at one of his guitars, please contact us to make an appointment for a viweing of this very special guitar.


We are thrilled to welcome our newest addition to our Roster of Builders. Luthier Murray Kuun. Please take a moment to read about Mr. Kuun in our Luthier Section.

Murray Kuun is creating some very different yet traditional instruments. Have a look at the Norma Jean Classical, as well as his Sonata. Stay tuned for the unvelining of his other instruments in the next few days.


Custom Guitar proudly welcomes Billy Rowe into it's roster of talented builders. Just for the record these are not Fender guitars, nor do we market them as such. They are Billy's own creation and interpretation of what a guitar of that period would look like today.

Please take a moment to get acquainted with "The Real Relic" as well as "The Blondie". These guitars feel and play like the real thing....If not better.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! There is no better way to ring in the New Year than by introducing some great new luthiers to our roster. Rich Dicarlo is our latest addition to an impressive line of builders we are working with. Check out our Classical section where you can find some of Rich's guitars, or you may enter the keyword "Rich" or "Dicarlo" into our search engine.

Keep visiting us as we will be adding many more builders to our line up.


The Fuse Hollowbody by Garbujo Guitars is now available through We currently have 2 fuse guitars in stock, please contact us if you are interested in making an appointment to test drive it.


We are so happy to report our exclusivity with Mewburn Guitars from the UK. La Brasilera can be ordered exclusively through You may also order any other guitar from Stuart through us. Please take a moment to take a look at this new innovative guitar.


Sorry folks the 5150 is sold.


EVH 5150 Relic Model from Lee Garver of GMW. Please have a look at this one off guitar that is only available through us.


Free LINE 6 (15w) amp included with the sale of our last Brazen in stock Fantasy Carnival.


Rich Dicarlo has joined our roster of builders, his guitars will begin popping up on the site very shortly. Please take a moment to read up on this very talented luthier. Rich builds a wide variety of nylon jazz and traditional classical guitars.


Rash Guitars are finally here. Played by Italian virtuoso Marco Sfogli and many other italian sensations. is proud to carry this very special brand of Handmade guitars. The whole collection has not been uploaded, but will complete the guitar line later today.

In the meantime check out the following models: MC Master, MT Monster, ST Rashter, MC Master Classic, SS Challenge, CL Challenge and the Jazz Challenge. Keep checking in and you'll see the signature guitars go up later today.



Trying to unload our last Brazen Dynasty Carnival. Until october 1st we are offering free shipping in the lower 48 states on this guitar.


We now have a blog where we will be interviewing all of our builders with the same 10 questions. Please check it out at:


Hauser III's may be ordered via There is a 3-5 year wait for these but they are most certainly museum quality pieces and worthy investments. Please contact us if you would like to order one.


We are now carrying Mack Amps and have added a combo and Cabinet section to our "Amps and Effects" section. Please have a look at our new amps from Mack Amps as well as Rocktron.


The Bantam Models XB-01, XB-03, XB-06 and XB-08 from Bulletproof are finally up. All BulletProof Guitars are ready to ship.


We are happy to report that Bulletproof Guitars are finally here. Please have a look at our Alternative Wood Section. More models will be added to the site over the weekend.


Custom Guitar Boutique is proud to be the exclusive dealer for Moffa guitars as well as Attitube in the USA. Anything from the Moffa or attitube website may be purchased through us.

We currently have the Maestro, Sweet Lorraine and Dark Lorraine on order which are due to arrive in August 2009. The current wait list through the moffa site is 16 months for any of these guitars.

If you are interested in anything but the guitars mentioned on our site from Moffa Guitars please contact us and we will try to swap what we have on order to get you the guitar of your choice within our current waiting period.

The Attitube G20 takes between 2-4 weeks to deliver. If you are a retailer and would like to stock the G20 please contact us.


We have just received an Archtop from New York based Luthier Brad Goodman. Please have a look at the X-16 Archtop.


Keeping the momentum going on the Shaman JPM Standard we added 3 more models to our selection, again exclusively through Please have a look at the Trans Purple Sunburst, Ocean Blue Sunburst, and the Vintage Tobacco Sunburst.


We are reducing the price on the Sergei De Jonge SR. Pre-Owned Classical. Origianlly $6500, our recession discount is now $5999.

We are very excited to announce the arrival of Frederich Holtier Guitars available via Today we uploaded a Cedar Double Top, we also have a spruce version of this guitar available with no lead times which will be uploaded over the next few days. Please take a moment to stop by our classical guitar section and have a listen.


Bill Gagnon Joins Roster

We are very happy to announce that Gagnon Archtops are now available via We have just added Bill's Alpine Guitar to our site. Bill is one of those builders who has the art of lutherie down to a science. Worthy instruments for both collectors and players. If you are not familiar with Gagnon archtops, have a look at this very talented luthiers bio.


Frank Hartung Part II

Here are some new additions from Frank Hartung. Meet the Diavolo Series! Currently Frank is buiding the Beast of Burden as well as the Diavolo CC (Color Concept). All of Frank's guitars can be modded, from choice of woods, hardware, color and scale. If there is something you would like to change about the model, do not hesitate to contact us.


Frank Hartung Guitars Joins Forces with Custom Guitar Boutique.

Frank Hartung Guitars are now available exclusively in the US via This is a very exciting day for us, as we feel very privileged to represent a very fine luthier like Frank Hartung. We have some more guitars to upload to the site but couldn't wait to make this announcement. I'm sure you can find the time to come back later and see what other surprises we have from Frank. In the meantime feast your eyes on the following models: Embrace Amber Burst, Scratch Burst, Beauty of Nature and the Embrace TigerQuilt. We are also offering Free Shipping in the lower 48 states, on all Hartung Guitars with a few added goodies. Take a look, and remember, we have many many more guitars to upload from an array of luthiers. See ya soon!

06.17.09 is proud to offer Mudd Guitars. Based out of Phoenix (AZ), and producing handmade guitars with their famous motto "If you can dream it, we can build it!".

Mudd Guitars is responsible for the Michael Thomas ‘Mayhem' Signature Edition and offers a wide variety of guitars like the John Junior and G-String Models (All Available via In addition, all models can be custom modified with different pickup configurations, custom paint jobs, hardware or whatever you desire.

We are honored to add Mudd Guitars to our Roster of Builders and look forward to taking your order.

We are very excited about the launch of

We are working very hard to get all the products at our disposal up on the site as fast as possible. Products are uploaded on a daily basis so please do check back regularly.